Mega Monopoly with Skyscrapers

mega monopoly
They’ve finally updated Monopoly, the most popular of all board games (and I might add, the most awesomest as well). New Monopoly Mega Edition makes a few changes to update Monopoly to the 21st century with a larger board with more properties, new rules so buildings get built quicker, bus tickets and a speed die to move you more quickly along the board, $1000 bills, new utilities and a train depot, and best of all- skyscrapers!!!!
mega monopoly 2
They’ve really stepped the game up here with the skyscrapers, adding a whole new dimension of fun and Trumplike building action to the standard Monopoly board game. With the new game, there will definitely need to be some strategy adjustments; what worked in the the classic board game, may not work as well in the new version. The only way to find out is to play it a bit the next rainy or sweltering hot day. Mega Monopoly looks great.

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