Panda Chair Looks Comfy

panda chair
The Banquete Chair with Pandas by artists Fernando and Humberto Campana from Brazil looks pretty darn comfy. Who hasn’t envisioned themselves sitting on a mat of plush stuffed panda dolls? Luckily the legs of this panda chair appear to be made out of metal and not of the panda’s favorite meal- bamboo. Unluckily for you, the chair costs $75,000.
via Dvice

11 thoughts on “Panda Chair Looks Comfy

  1. this chair right here 75 k your fucking crazy i hope its comfy cuz im oing to tell you what to do with it. you can take that shit and shove it os far up your ass that it will be worth a big pile of shit.

  2. A Panda chair at $75,000, u crazzy. The chair looks like it should be around only $35 or maybe $5 at fivebelow.

  3. ok, here’s my breakdown- there’s about 50 pandas. figure $10/ea for those plus another $25 for the frame and this chair should be $525 plus labor, so maybe a fair price would be somewhere around $1000? that’s still a lot but somewhat more reasonable.

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