Beam Me Up Some Laser Tunes with Beamz

beamz laser
The Beamz musical performance system from the Sharper Image allows you unleash your inner Yanni in a flourish of electronic wizardry and musical mastery the likes of which we haven’t seen since David Hasselhoff released “Looking For Freedom” in Germany in 1989 (which contrary to popular opinion, is his ONLY #1 single in the country).

To play the beamz, you simply hook it up via USB to your computer, program it up to the type of music you wish to play and start breaking one of the six laser beams with your hands:

Breaking the laser beams with your hands automatically generates pre-authored pulses, streams, riffs or loops of musical notes or sounds from a variety of instruments — all kinds of strings, keyboards, winds, percussion. Sophisticated high-fidelity sounds seem to pour off your fingertips like magic!

Beamz is programmed for 19 different genres of music and the manufacturer guarantees harmoniousness. You play it more like a conductor than an instrumentalist. You can pick up this musical performance system for a mere $599.

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