Tetris Afghan Blanket Breaks Hearts

Tetris AfghanNothing quite says I love you like a homemade Tetris Afghan. Particularly one where you’re just about to lose the game. This afghan was made by a Flickr user who says:

My most epic project to date. Made for someone I loved very much, who then broke my heart. The only thing I asked him to give back was this. Damn straight.

Maybe giving someone a near-losing game of Tetris afghan says, “hey I know you’re a loser but with a few quick moves and lucky breaks, we can break down a few lines and get to the bottom of this thing and maybe love really does have a chance of getting that space shuttle with the awesome sound effects after all”. Or maybe it just says, “hey I learned how to sew squares, what can I do with this skill?”. Either way, smart move asking for it back after the breakup.

via Technabob

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