BatMp3 Player for the Batman Obsessed

batman mp3
The BatMp3 Player from PopBox is only for the true Batman fanboys out there. The player costs $80 and comes with 1 GB of memory, which should be enough to hold all the Batman soundtracks plus the original TV show theme song. The BatMP3 player is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The coolest part about this MP3 gadget is the headphones.. take a look:
batman mp3 headphones
Shaped like little bats with the Batman logo in the middle. So cool. Too bad you have to buy the stupid MP3 player to get them.

3 thoughts on “BatMp3 Player for the Batman Obsessed

  1. those head phones are sick who ever made those have to sell them separate make so much money and and if not then its still cool to get that mp3 and the head phones for only bucks now all i need to know is where do u get it at

  2. seriously, dude. how do I get ’em? those are lterally the coolest freaking headphones I’ve ever seen in my life!

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