Disney Mickey Mouse MP3 Shower Speaker

Take a shower with Mickey Mouse and your iPod with the Disney Mickey Mouse MP3 Shower Speaker. The device is a cylindrical plastic container that holds your MP3 player with a waterproof seal. The bottom of the gadget is a speaker- you just plug the plug into the headphone jack into your iPod, Zune or any other MP3 player that fits. Great for lounging near the pool, in the rain, bathtub, in the deep rainforest, or anyplace else where it’s extremely damp and you need to protect your music player, yet still listen to some groovy tunes.

You can even get a version of this container with a flat top instead of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears (scroll to the bottom of the product page if interested). This would probably be pretty good for toddlers and small kids too- you could set the MP3 player to play their favorite songs, then seal it up to protect your iPod from sticky little toddler button pressing device dropping fingers. Available in four colors for $17 from Strapya.

One thought on “Disney Mickey Mouse MP3 Shower Speaker

  1. I’d buy it if other shapes were available. But the price is nice, though and I like the idea of having a waterproof speaker in the bathroom.
    I always buy staff like this and I like their prices too. They also provide free shipping.

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