Play Doh Poop Troop

Before we even get into it, let me make this clear- yes this is a real actual legit official product that you can buy now and not some joke concept or Photoshop job. That said, Play Doh has finally gotten their sh!t together and realized that kids are going to be turning their product into little poops anyway so they might as well sell a set that capitalizes on that. The Play Doh Poop Troop Set encourages kids to play with poop. It’s a set of 12 cans of various poop and “poop” colored Play Doh along with enough accessories to humanize the play feces as if they’re little Mr. Pooptato Heads.

Has Play Doh gone too far with this or is it pure genius? Maybe it’s both. Sure, kids of all ages love the poop emoji but there’s a difference between any other product and something like Play Doh which is pretty similar looking to ACTUAL POOP. Possibly hijinks may ensure BUT kids are going to freakin’ love this. Kids love Play Doh. Kids love googly eyes. Kids love poop. The math just adds up (1 and 1 and 1 is 3, source: The Beatles), so we’re calling this one a winner.