Submarine Sports Car

submarine sports car
Be a real life James Bond with the Submarine Sports Car. This car really drives underwater! Got a body of water to cross? No problem, just drive this sports car into the water where it floats, then pull the lever to drop it into the depths of an underwater adventure.
submarine car on land
On land, this vehicle has a 54kW battery powered electric motor, allowing it hit speeds of 75mph. While that’s not super fast, you can easily outrun any other car by simply heading for the nearest lake, ocean, river, or pond and taking an underwater shortcut. You can’t do that in a Tesla (yet). The batteries are good for 80 miles on land or 3 hours underwater per 4 hour charge. The steel chassis is the same one used in the Lotus Elise with a few modifications. The interior is impervious to fresh and salt water.
scuba car
Rear propellers move the car forward while a pair of rotating water jets at the front provide steering and lift. You can drive underwater at 2 knots while up to 33′ deep. The best way to do it without killing yourself would be to use the two built-in scuba tanks and diving regulators which have enough air for up to an hour of underwater time (but it’s your choice, just hold your breath if you want to tough guy). You can buy this submarine car for a mere 2 million dollars.