Solar Powered Car Ventilator

solar power car ventilator
Usually the sun makes your car much hotter but with the Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator the sun can make your car cooler. The Kulcar fits into most any roll down window (note that it will work much better with straight windows as opposed to ones with a slight curve to the top) with the solar panel going outside the car and the fan on the inside.
kulcar outside
A rubber strip completes the seal and keeps bugs and small critters out of your vehicle while it’s parked. Since it’s solar powered, it requires no additional power or wires. Just set it up and cool down. Here’s what it looks like inside the car:
kulcar inside
The Kulcar works by expelling hot air from the vehicle. Since it’s mounted on the top of your car and hot air rises (physics!), the air that is ventilated out is the hottest and your car cools down. Kulcar promised to cool your car by at least 18 degrees F and up to 68 degrees. It replaces the air in your entire vehicle every 90 seconds which not only cools your car down but also eliminates many odors or off-gassing that can occur when dashboards and other parts are exposed to extreme heat.