Paper Towel USB Hub

paper towel usb hub
They say the kitchen is the hub of the home and now you can put a hub in your hub with the TowlHub, a paper towel holder and USB hub. You probably never thought you’d need to plug in your paper towel holder, right? Besides holding the paper towels (or is that towls? lol), it also has 4 USB ports in a water resistant base. Although if you do spill some water near it, there’s always paper towels handy to wipe it up.
usb paper towel hub
It’s actually a really good space saver if you had a separate paper towel holder and USB hub on your kitchen counter. The TowlHub has a stainless steel finish, weighted base, a friction ring for single sheet pulls and a raised edge so the roll will not unravel. Comes with an AC power supply. The interchangeable topper is actually a wine stopper too so you can use it either way or put in your own wine stopper for a personalized touch. Without a doubt, this it he most technologically advanced paper towel holder we’ve ever seen.