Chandelier Inside a Lightbulb is the Turducken of Lighting

king edison lamp2
The King Edison Pendant Lamp is a miniature chandelier inside a lightbulb. A mystery wrapped up in an enigma. A ship in a bottle… of lighting. A turducken of illumination. This hanging lamp, designed by Young & Battaglia measures a scant 6″ diameter by a bit over 8″ high and combines the glamor of a King’s chandelier with the simplicity of an edison light bulb.
king edison lamp
Get the look of an elegant ornate chandelier in a tiny space. I can picture rows of these hanging over tables at a swanky restaurant or a cluster of them over a funky dining room table. The brass chandelier is inside a clear hand blown glass shade with satin chrome fittings. So small, so beautiful. The other great thing is that it’s way easier to dust than a full size chandelier. Nice lighting, even the bee likes it (WTF?).