Scribbler the DIY Drawing Robot

Build your own scribbling robot with Scribbler- The Drawing Robot. This easy to do robot project requires only a single AA battery and a hot glue gun to put together the cardboard construction kit and make a fun little toy. Here’s what it looks like unassembled:
scribbler parts
Once kids put it together (with adult supervision for those too young to handle a hot glue gun safely themselves!) you have a really fun drawing toy. Flip the switch and the Scribbler vibrates all around leaving a trail of scribbles on whatever is below him- we’d recommend paper but it’s up to you. Here’s a video of the toy in action:

You could even decorate him up a little bit too- or a lot. That’s fun and educational all wrapped up in one right there. It’s art, building, science, robots, crafts, and a side of fries.