Instant DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

diy ugly sweater
It’s Holiday Party season and that can mean one thing only: ugly Christmas sweaters. There’s no need to go trolling the racks at Salvation Army or your grandmother’s closet to find an ugly sweater when you can turn any sweater into a gaudy festive mess. These DIY Ugly Holiday Sweater pins are a set of 6 holiday themed patches with a safety pin back. Just pin them onto any sweater and presto- ugly Christmas sweater.

You can also instantly turn any other item into Christmas clothes like pants, t-shirts (for those in warmer parts), Santa hats, underwear, and shoes. Uglify your whole outfit. And come December 26th, unpin them and wear that sweater the rest of the year. That makes it eco-friendly, right? We’re saving the Earth, one ugly sweater at a time.

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