3D Printed Micro-Planter Chess Set

3d printed planter chess set
This might be one of the greatest uses of 3D printing we’ve seen yet. This Micro Planter is a 3D printed chess set with each piece being a tiny micro-planter. Now there’s two ways to kill a piece in this game- using traditional chess moves or just not watering it for a long time. Here’s an overhead shot to see the whole set:
planter chess set
You could even plant herbs or succulents that have a name or shape appropriate to the piece it is. When you’re not playing, the pieces can be nicely displayed on a windowsill without the board and it wouldn’t look out of place at all. The piece design is based off a Bauhaus Style chess set for all you architecture fans out there. If you happen to have your own 3D printer, you can download the files for free and print your own planter chess set at home.