Hexbug Aquabot Robotic Fish Review

hexbug aquabot package
The nice people from Hexbug sent us over one their newest creation to review- the Hexbug Aquabot Robotic Fish. As you can see in the unboxed photo below, the fish is approximately the size of a AA battery. Speaking of batteries- the first great thing about this robot fish is that not only are batteries included- they’re already loaded up inside the fish.
hexbug aquabot
As you can see, the fish is translucent color so you can see the mechanicals right inside it. It comes in a variety of color choices too. The other neat thing about the Aquabot is that as soon as you put it into water, it starts to swim around automatically. It turns off after 5 minutes or when removed from the water. Check out the video demo below and you can see our junior intern testing it out:

Pretty fun stuff. Obviously it would swim better in a rounded bowl without corners to get stuck in. As I mentioned in the video, the Aquabot can actually be used in a variety of situations- as a bath toy, in swimming pools, or even on your desk in a fish bowl. A fish you never have to feed! Love it!