Water Spraying RC Helicopter

Sneak attack your friends, family, co-workers, or windows with an airborne water sprayer. The Water Shooting RC Helicopter is a flying water gun! Fill up the fuselage with water, grab the remote and led the stable gyro fly you with stability and precision right above your target. Watch the video to see this cool as hell helicopter do it’s thing:

It has about a 30 foot control range, so you can really get some good distance between you and your target. The WLToys V319 3.5 Channel Helicopter has flashing LED lights for nighttime flight too:

Sure it’s not holding enough water to completely soak your buddy but when you can hover right in front of his face you can send a small precision water strike to the face. That’s some modern effective water fighting right there. It charges up via USB and runs for about 10 minutes per charge. Anyone looking for some guaranteed winning cubical warfare weaponry? Cause you found it, champ.