Collapsible Silicone Bucket

Buckets usually end up taking up a lot of space for something that (while necessary) is used only infrequently. Most of the time you end up using the bucket to store other things in. With the Pack-Away Bucket, you can easily store a bucket anywhere- closet, under the sink, car, RV, anywhere. It’s made of durable silicone in 6 color choices and simply folds down when not in use. Of course you can’t flip it over and sit on it like a plastic bucket and you certainly can’t turn it into a drumkit but it is simple and practical. (via gessato)

3 thoughts on “Collapsible Silicone Bucket

  1. Nice! I have a lunch box that does the same thing. There are a ton of everyday items they should siliconize(?) like this.

  2. Hello! I would like to buy the Collapsible Silicone Bucket. How much is it? Are yopu sending items to Buenos Aires? How much is the shipping? Regards! Gisela

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