Steampunk iPad Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

Greetings Victorian time travelers and fans of the steam age design ethos. Please have a gander at this stunning Steampunk iPad Case and Bluetooth Keyboard. Handmade by John Dunn, the old fashioned way (whatever that means, but it takes 25 days to complete your order), this elegant case features a non-functional pressure dial and thermometer on top along with intricate copper tubing that also does nothing. But don’t worry, there is function!

The keyboard is a fully functioning bluetooth keyboard with the same English walnut finish as the lid. The top and bottom are hinged, but do separate in case you want to use them apart or use the keyboard with some other device beside your iPad 3 (which fits in right atop the patterned wallpaper on the top half).

John actually calls this case the “iCog Hades” to strike fear into the hearts of all Apple haters (or something like that). Nice work. It costs the very oddly specific price of $424.