Star Wars Bookends

You like Star Wars and you like books. If only there was a way to combine the two. Well fear not my well-read Jedi friends, there’s not one but two different types of Star Wars bookends. For the more literal literates we have the simply named Star Wars Bookends shown above for about $60. The good thing about those is that you don’t need to explain them any further to your “normal” friends like you do with our next set of bookends:

I don’t need to tell you that this is a Star Wars Jabba’s Palace Bookends Statue Sculpture. It’s based on Jabba the Hutt’s palace and depicts Princess Leia’s attempt to save the frozen in carbonite Han Solo while Boba Fett, a Gammorean Guard and a taxidermy head of a Tauntaun watch. A must have for all hardcore Star Wars fanatics, this limited edition (out of 800) bookend measures 14 inches wide by 9 inches tall. It’s hand numbered with a certificate of authenticity. No certificate of geekocity is needed, as anyone spending over $200 on Star Wars bookends is clearly geeky.