Review: AirFit Adjustable Pillow

You might be asking yourself, why is a gadget site reviewing a pillow? Because the AirFit Adjustable Pillow is more than just a regular pillow- it’s adjustable (hence the name). It’s made by the Sleep Number people and like Sleep Number beds, this pillow is fully customizable to your body. There are three different styles: CoolFit Foam, Memory Fiber, and European White Goose Down. Once you select that (and you can visit a Sleep Number store if you’re unsure of which to choose), the similarities with regular pillows end- because of the valve:

We chose the CoolFit to review. In the corner of the pillow is an air valve that lets you fill up or remove air from the air chamber within the pillow. The first thing we noticed with the pillow is how heavy it is (for a pillow). When you put your head on it initially it is a bit firm with some give. Then we opened the valve. The pillow slowly deflated to the shape of my head. When it reached the perfect comfort level, I closed the valve up.

Sleeping on it was very comfortable- it was firm enough to support the head and neck but it still maintained it’s softness at the same time. Increasing the firmness is just a matter of opening the valve again and taking your head off the pillow slightly. How comfortable is the pillow? Let’s just say I’m not the only one who found it to be a nice spot to lay down on:

(at least he didn’t re-adjust the firmness level while I was gone).

Why do we like the AirFit pillow: the precise adjustment of firmness level to the individual for a good night’s sleep, it’s softness, and it’s weight so it doesn’t move around a lot while we sleep. You can readjust the pillow at any time, so unlike a normal pillow you’re not locked in to the firmness level for the life of the pillow. What we don’t like about the pillow: the price- it’s well over $100- HOWEVER they are offering some deals right now, check their Facebook page for details.

The other thing about the price is that if you’re like me you probably spent a lot on a quality mattress without giving much thought to the pillow. But we should be. We spend almost 1/3 of our lives sleeping and it’s a two part equation with the mattress and pillow. It’s your head- it’s kind of important. Cheap pillows that don’t offer any support- goodbye from me. I’m off to take a nap now.

*while the pillow was provided to us in exchange for a review, all opinions on the product are strictly our own

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  2. Do you still love this pillow? Thinking of buying one but want to make sure before putting out that much money. Thanks.

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