Doctor Who Dalek Dress

Awesome Halloween costume that could be used for any formal affair or nerd convention. The Dalek dress (btw, if you don’t know what a Dalek is, check out the extensive Wikipedia article if you have like 45 minutes or so, if you don’t have that kind of free time it’s a robot from Doctor Who, see image below) was made by Reddit user somevelvetmorning.

You know if you post something like that on Reddit you’re going to get like 14 marriage proposals in the thread alone; just saying. The balls on the bottom part of the dress are actually kid’s plastic jumping pit balls cut in half and spray painted. Meanwhile, somewhere on earth a kid is doing a faceplant because there’s not enough balls in his ball pit; just saying. Here’s a shot of the other side of the dress (I assume this is the back, unless you wanted to go sexy Dalek style).

Great job, somevelvetmorning. Exterminate!