Wood Necktie Great for Working Stiffs

Got wood? Wear some around your neck with the Wooden Necktie the toughest tie around. It’s a flexible, lightweight, eco-friendly tie made from recycled barn wood. Each one is handmade in the US of A and due to varying grain patterns and such, each one totally unique. The tie is segmented so it hangs naturally (and won’t stab you in the thigh when you sit). An elastic band fits any size neck:

Talk about on-trend for the current fashion season! (no I have no idea what that means either exactly but they say it a lot on Project Runway…make it work people, thank you Mood). So you can’t wipe your face with it in a restaurant like you do with your regular ties…ok technically you could but you wouldn’t want to, but it still looks great and for someone looking for a non-traditional tie, you got it. Just $31.99.

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