Beanbag Millennium Falcon’s Got it Where it Counts

You know, I have a sudden urge to redecorate my house. It might have something to do with this sweet Beanbag Millennium Falcon I found and want oh so desperately. It’s almost 9 feet long which in my eyes is no longer a beanbag chair but it’s more of a beanbag couch or bed or both. I want my entire house to be filled with beanbag Millenium Falcons. Ok, maybe I’d leave some room for a landspeeder or a Death Star lamp or something.

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you’re asking anyone who lives with me or plans on ever visiting), no amount of beans is going to get you one of these because it was created by Woouf for a show and not for sale. But I have a great idea, that I don’t quite want to reveal entirely but it involves a Millennium Falcon bed sheet, bean bag chair stuffing and a sewing machine.

we waste time via oh gizmo