Millennium Falcon Cufflinks

These Millennium Falcon cufflinks may not look like much, but they’ve got it where it counts (yeah that makes no sense but I felt the need to throw in Star Wars quote here and saying these cufflinks can do the Kessel run in 12 parsecs makes even less sense!- leave a comment if you’ve got a more appropriate quote). Whether you are human in Cloud City or a Wookiee in Mos Eisley you’ve got to admire these hand-sculpted individually polymer clay pieces of art.

$22 at etsy via geeky-gadgets

3 thoughts on “Millennium Falcon Cufflinks

  1. I cannot believe i came across this blog – how lucky!

    It has made my day!

    I have managed to get some R2D2 cufflinks and now the daddy – the Millennium Falcon cufflinks.

  2. I am so glad i had the fortune to come across this blog as i have been lucky enough to find memorabilia from my childhood combined in stunning cufflink sets that i aslo collect!


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