Solar Bikini Charges Your iPod

I have a feeling if you wear this bikini, your iPod isn’t the only thing that’s gonna get all charged up. Andrew Schneider created the solar charging bikini a few years back but now he’s got them in production and ready for sale. Each bikini has a series of flexible photovoltaic strips woven with conductive thread and hooked to a USB connector. Just sit back and grab some sun while your iPod charges up.

That second model above needs some sun or spray tan. Believe it or not, Andrew says you can actually wear this into the water since it only puts out 5v of electricity and only charges when hooked up (like a poorly made diaper bag it has no juice storage). But you will have to dry off for it to work properly. You can order them from the creator directly for $1000 (but think about how much you’ll save in iPod charging costs!).

(via the award winning brooklyn paper, home of journalistic mega-star Gersh Kuntzman who probably has a Google Alert for himself set up. Just checking.)

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