7 Cool Nintendo Bedding Items

We’ve gathered up a few cool Nintendo bedding items for your browsing pleasure this afternoon. All very different but still keeping with that old school geek style we love. First up is the super awesome NES console bedding set. This one of a kind homemade bedding set is apparently cool enough that it sold for over $400 on eBay. It doesn’t look like it would be that hard to recreate, amirite? Get to work Grandma! (via)

The second item is the Nintendo quilt above, with handmade cross-stitched patterns for a variety of classic NES games and items like the console, logo and zapper gun. Great selection of games, I even see that pesky Duck Hunt dog on there.

Here’s a neat shaped Super Mario Hat Pillow that we covered a loooong time ago back in the ’00’s. It’s not a hat, it’s just a pillow shaped like a Mario hat. Also comes in Luigi if that’s your thing.

You’ve gotta be digging the bold bright colors of this Super Mario Throw Blanket. It’s a throw but large enough to work as a blanket. It’s got the two brothers ready to team up and kick some butt. I’m calling the Mario side of the bed right now 8).

Check out this suweeet Mario pixel pillow Criatura7 made for a friend. Can I be your new friend too?

The Super Mario Snuggie, err “sleeved blanket”. No longer do you have to feel trapped under those hard to get out of blankets, now you can have a blanket and freedom to move your arms. The coolness of Mario counteracts the uncoolness of the Snuggie. Or not.

Last but definitely not least is the bizarrely shaped Super Mario Cylinder Cushion. We love this one because hey it’s Mario in a cylinder! How often do you see that? It’s a little known insider Nintendo secret that when Mario goes through the pipes THIS is what he looks like. You didn’t think that big head of his would actually fit inside the pipes without being contorted to a cylindrical shape, did you? Come on now. It’s nearly 2 feet tall too.

8 thoughts on “7 Cool Nintendo Bedding Items

  1. lol this is crazy. Now that’s not getting over your childhood days. I like the Super Mario Hat Pillow because it looks cute but I’m not going to fix my room with old nintendo mattresses. It’s like you never grew up.

    I love the NES days but we got to admit it. We must go on with our life. Right?

    1. never! being grown up is boring. solid colors, stripes? bring on the mario and the excitement (until guest come)

  2. My boyfriend is a gamer, and Christmas is right around the corner. Where can I buy the NES console bedding set?

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