Pocky Guitar

Pocky is a Japanese treat that is a Chocolate Cream Covered Biscuit Stick (btw that is by far the cheapest I’ve ever seen Pocky- $2 per box shipped?!) and somewhat of an obsession to anyone who has ever tried them. Some American imitators have come on the market like Oreo Fun Stix, which are good but not exactly the same as Pocky.

The obsession runs deep enough that you can now buy a Pocky Guitar, a $519 made to order limited edition musical instrument. This guitar has a mahogany body, hard maple neck, and ebony fingerboard. The color: Pocky Red. If you’re in Japan, you may have seen Kazuyoshi Saito playing this guitar in a Pocky commercial singing the theme song “Stick to fun! Tonight!”. Oh you haven’t? Well check out it out now: