GPS Displaying Ski Goggles

Skiers like to have all the latest winter gadgets and these cool looking GPS Ski Goggles don’t disappoint because they have a GPS enabled “Heads Up” performance display inside the lens. Similar to what jet pilots have in their helmets, there is a small 2″ display at the bottom of the right lens frame (not view blocking) that displays your LCD dashboard of information.

The ski goggles have embedded GPS and motion sensors to track your speed (maximum and average), current temperature, latitude and longitude, vertical distance traveled, number of runs and total distance covered. There’s also a built-in stopwatch to time your runs down the mountain. Here’s a closeup of a sample screen display:

The goggles can connect to your Mac or PC computer via an included USB cable and you can use the software to organize, analyze and share your ski data with friends. The goggles have a polarized anti-fog lens that blocks the glare and changes from yellow to deep amber with the light. The goggles can be charged via USB or an AC adapter and have enough battery life for six hours on a single charge. $499 from Hammacher.