Marvel Comics Branded HDTVs

You’d have to be a pretty big fan of these superheros to put an officially licensed Marvel Comics branded HDTV in your living room. Maybe the target market is a bit younger (or geekier) than I’m imagining but these HDTVs probably aren’t going to match that TV stand you got from Pottery Barn. But your kids will love it…for a little while until the next, cooler superhero comes along and they want that one instead. The TVs come in a variety of the classic favorites like Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Ghostrider, Wolverine and Thor. Each HDTV’s frame is colored to match the character’s outfit and has an 8 second startup screen featuring the character. They come in both LED and LCD versions ranging from 22 to 55 inches. No information on which company is actually producing the HDTVs but they are available from RTC directly.