Mickey Mouse Head Static Discharger

Are you a big Disney fan and have a lot of static electricity? It’s a very common combination of things, so the answer is probably yes. Well we have a gadget for you- it’s a Mickey Mouse Head Static Discharger. Avoid getting shocked by static electricity (is this really a big problem?) by just touching the Mickey Head. It’s a keychain too so you can keep it with you at all times because you never know when deadly static will strike. A light bulb, apparently powered by static electricity alone, flashes to let you know that static is being discharged. It truly is a magical kingdom out there folks.

2 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Head Static Discharger

  1. There are environments in which this thing would be useful. I used to catalog books for libraries. Working with books in plastic tubs on carpeted floors really builds up the static. You could easily get several dozen strong shocks a day.

    Of course, I just used a paper clip to ground myself on a filing cabinet. No need for a twenty dollar water molecule on a stick.

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