Zibits Mini R/C Robots

Senario has just announced a new remote controlled robot toy called Zibits. These small little robots come in 12 different models and will retail for $9.99 when they are released in mid-March (look for them in Toy ‘R Us and elsewhere).

Senario sent one over for us to play around with and it was a pretty good distraction. The robot lights up and makes blipping and bleeping robotic sounds. The remote is bi-directional- up makes the Zibit go forward and down makes it spin in a circle in place. While the spinning makes it a little tricky to steer, I can see the challenge of it adding to kid’s fun as they race against each other. Check out our video

Yeah the lesson is that it’s hard to maintain focus with the iPhone camera and control an RC robot at the same time. Zibits pocket size and low price are attractive and might just make this the hot toy of 2010. We’ll see.