Tweeting Commodore Computer

If you did any computing in the 80’s you probably remember Commodore Computers. The Commodore VIC20 was introduced in 1980 inbetween it’s more famous siblings the Pet and it’s highly successful followup- the Commodore 64. So if you’re like me you probably thought that such an ancient computer could not do anything today’s computers do but you’d be wrong. One crafty modder has hacked up their Commodore VIC20 into a Twitter connected machine.

The VIC20’s specs are an anemic 1 MHz processor, 5 KB of RAM (today’s computers average 3000 MHz and 2,097,152 KB of RAM), and it’s running software from a cassette tape! The project is being put together by the PC Museum in Ontario. You can follow the vintage computer’s twitter feed (look for extensive tweeting from the computer this Saturday).


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