Lightscoop Directs Your Camera’s Flash Upwards for Better Shots

Everybody wants to take better pictures but it’s often something as simple as the camera’s flash that can cause our pictures to look bad. Red-eye, hot spots, uneven lighting, deer in the headlights look, underexposed colors, bleached out faces- these are all problems we see when using a camera’s flash. The Lightscoop is an essential low-tech solution for SLR and DSLR users to take better flash photos.

The Lightscoop attaches to your camera’s hot shoe and fits right over your camera’s pop-up flash. The device simply redirects the light from the flash to the ceiling or wall, creating a soft flattering light for your subjects.
lightscoop on camera
You’ve seen the professionals using big umbrella attachments to diffuse the light or use external flashes aimed at the ceiling- well this gives you a similar effect but on a much smaller, inexpensive and more portable scale. Bouncing the flash off the ceiling gives a more natural lighting feel- as if the subject was well lit by an overhead light. A simple flash-fill gadget for better picture taking. Cool photography tool.

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