Light Up Tent Stake for Night Camping

led light tent pegs
Anyone who has ever arrived at a campsite after dark and tried set up their tent will appreciate the usefulness of these light up tent stakes. Trying to maneuver your lantern and all the parts of the tent is always a major hassle. Some people just leave on their car headlights, although clearly this is not the best option for a number of reasons (and may not even be a feasible option at all if you’re hiking in without a car). I’ve seen glow in the dark tent stakes before, but those are more useful to prevent tripping over than to actually stake into the ground.

The LED light in these tent pegs is rated for up to 5 hours. The light pops out slightly from the stake itself and can be rotated up to 80 degrees to shine the light where you need it. That’s good because when you’re camping and it’s dark, it can be hard to find the exact perfect spot to drive in your stakes, especially if the ground is rocky or hard. The difference between a good spot and a bad spot can be small and having a light shining right on the ground will help you find the right spot. When it gets late you don’t want to waste time setting up camp- you just want to get the fire going, get some food and drink, and then pass out in your sleeping bag. These tent pegs cost $3.72 each and includes batteries.

deal extreme via gear diary