Crazy Tent Designs from FieldCandy

Most tents are usually just a solid color or two-toned color scheme. But FieldCandy is taking the tent to a whole new level of design by putting gigantic graphics on the outside of the triangular tents. The A-frame tents all have designer created graphic flysheets that go over the inner tent. The “fully booked” tent is above.

That one is (appropriately enough) called “get a room”. The tents are designed to hold 2 people comfortably.

You’ll definitely be able to spot your brick wall tent from a distance at a festival.

This one might be a bit cheesy.

Here’s what the cotton tent looks like under the designer rain fly. This next one reminds me of Keith Haring and the Little Miss people:

That’s a fun one that definitely stands out. The tents are all limited editions and the prices vary from about $600 for the jellybeans one to almost $900 for the rayguns. Cool tents.

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