AquaClimb Adds a Rock Climbing Wall to your Pool

Rock climbing is a great exercise for building both upper and lower body strength. Unless you’re into extreme sports and are not afraid of hooking yourself up to a real cliff out in the wild, most people who want to rock climb will head to their local gym or other facility and hit up the rock climbing wall. But with AquaClimb you could have a rock climbing wall right in your own backyard (assuming you already have a pool that is).

AquaClimb is a rock climbing wall that attaches right to the side of your inground pool. These poolside climbing walls are modular, so you can set up different types and configurations of panels to suit your needs. Short and wide or narrow and tall, whatever type of rock wall you want to have, you can get. The best part is that you don’t need to gear up into one of those crotch hugging harnesses to climb these walls since if you fall, you go right into the water (and the walls are angled slightly over the water to ensure that).

AquaClimb’s base is drilled and bolted into the concrete surround the pool. But the panels themselves can quickly be moved, switched out or taken down for storage and the handholds can be moved around to keep it fresh. The panels have a textured non-slip surface (ideal since you’ll be climbing with wet feet and hands) and are made of a high performance fiberglass. Prices start at $6,840.00 plus delivery and installation.