Japanese Sensu Handheld Fan USB Flash Drive

usb drive handheld fan
This Japanese Sensu (handheld fan) has to be one of the stealthiest USB flash drives we’ve come across here on the ol’ gadget blog. I could totally picture James Bond or some other super spy sitting in a luxury box at the opera fanning himself from the heat until the soprano starts hitting the high note and he knocks out the bad guy next to him with a single striking blow and then folds up the fan to reveal it’s a USB flash drive containing a stealth tracking program upon which he quickly downloads to the man’s laptop before slowly escaping into the crowd.
usb drive handheld fan2
Totally that’s what this fan could be used for. It has a real decent amount of storage for a novelty drive- 16 GB. The design on it is pretty bad-ass too, considering it’s a fold up bamboo fan- not the toughest of products. It costs 27,500 Yen which is kinda of a lot for a flash drive at nearly $300. OUCH. You’d better be one successful spy to have that kind of cash lying around for a fan drive.

product page at geekstuff4u via akihabara news