Biscuit Storing Mug

biscuit storing mug
Nowadays we demand so much more from all our products. If you want to make it to the table today, you’ve got to do more than just one thing. All you old-fashioned mugs out there where all you do is hold a beverage, that’s not going to cut it anymore in today’s society. Move over regular mug, now there’s something better and it’s called the Dunk Mug from Mocha UK (£13.99).

The Dunk Mug adds a little shelf at the bottom of a standard handled mug which allows you to store your biscuits. There’s no longer a need to hold on to a separate little plate for a biscuit with your tea or coffee, it’s all in the mug. Of course you could use the Dunk Mug to hold crackers, a small piece of bread, sugar packets, or even your napkin. But the best way to use this innovative mug would be to fill it up with some milk and stash a few chocolate chip cookies down under. Ohhh yeah.

via red ferret journal

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