Atari Game Cartridge Compacts

Sweet use of the old Atari game cartridge boxes- turn them into compacts for the ladies. Open it up to reveal the mirror inside:
Unfortunately this is an old DIY project that was sold by someone called Yakmala! who doesn’t appear to have anymore. So if you’re geek crafty, you could probably easily rig one of these up for your geek lady friends. Just for the record here, obviously it’s not just the ladies who could use a compact mirror, we fully support anyone out there who wants to be looking good at all times. We love Vanity Smurf, the happiest of all Smurfs and one who is particularly fond of mirrors too. We also love all the other Smurfs except for Brainy Smurf…he’s so full of himself and always wrong. Bite it Brainy Smurf, get out of Smurf village.