An Air Conditioner Shaped Like a Tree

Summer is here and the weather is heating up. There is no better feeling than coming in from the sweltering heat and humidity into a nice air conditioned building to dry your skin off with cool dry air. Most window air conditioners look pretty much the same, just a box. Nothing fancy. Strictly utilitarian. But there’s really no reason why your air conditioner couldn’t have a bit of style to while still maintaining it’s peak air cooling efficiency.

Designer Ryuichi Tabus has conceptualized an air conditioner in the shape (mostly) of a tree. The branches of the tree serve as the ducts out of which the air flows. The design uses ground heat and an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) system to cool the air. Like a lot of designs, this one is a bit “out there” and “shooting for the moon” as far as functionality goes but the basic premise of an AC with branch shaped exhaust ducts is solid. Will we see more unusual and creative air conditioner designs soon? Maybe.

via inventorspot

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