A Lightsaber Fight on Segways: Ultimate Nerdgasm

Vice Magazine sent an intrepid reporter to go learn how to ride a Segway, then off to the New York Jedi Academy (really!?), a “lightsaber enthusiast collective”, to learn how to properly fight with a lightsaber. Then he had a lightsaber fight on a Segway. Let me write that again because that’s easily the most awesome thing I’ve ever written here: he had a lightsaber fight on a Segway. They call it “sabersegging”.

It gets better: the guy that teaches Segway riding is Itsy Atkins, New York’s only licensed Segway instructor and generally awesome dude. He’s been a location scout and production manager for many big movies. He’s taught workshops on how to make belts and bags out of bras. He also designs handbags like the “Bush shoe throwing bag” he’s wearing. He also carries around a large leather paddle which he uses to slap ladies’ asses as they ride by on his Segway. Sounds like he’s living the good life. Here’s the video: