Lightsaber Pens Help You Summon The Force for Homework

Make writing fun again with a Lightsaber Pen. Need a little help with writers block? Can’t solve that math equation? You need a higher power- you need The Force. And you’re not going to properly summon the force with a mere Bic pen, The Force only appears to those who have lightsabers (I’m pretty sure that was the lesson of Empire Strikes Back, sorry to spoil it for you). Since you probably can’t bring a real lightsaber to your school or office, unless you work somewhere totally awesome, these pens will have to do.

They come in blue, red, or green in a handsome collectors tin. Guaranteed to either help you write better or help you look better while you’re writing (one or the other, probably the latter). And of course these have a 95% victory rate in pen vs. pen sword fights when taking on a non-lightsaber pen.

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