MP3 Weaponry: MP3 Grenade and iPod Touch Sniper Rifle

I’m sensing a strange trend here- MP3 players combined with weapons. First off is the above MP3 grenade. A ballsy modder took a hacksaw to an inactive hand grenade and inserted a Sansa 1 GB MP3 player inside. The result is an MP3 player that you probably can’t take anywhere in public for fear of a smackdown from Homelande Security, but for private use it’s cool.

Next up is the Sniper Rifle Mounted iPod Touch. Why would you want to do this? Well there’s an application from the iPod application store called BulletFlight which is an external ballistics calculator. So by mounting the iPod Touch onto a scary looking US Army M110 Sniper Rifle you can set your environment information, for example, distance, wind direction, elevation and temperature and then match it up with your firearm and ammunition profiles to help you get a better shot. Of course if you’re like Jack Bauer you don’t need all these fancy gadgets, you can take any enemy out with just a pistol.