USB Stress Ball

Everyone has a little stress in their lives and we all need an outlet for the stress somewhere. Personally, I like to go out and club baby seals and drink Jack Daniels straight from the bottle but maybe you like to stay closer to home for your stress relief. That little foam rubber ball isn’t going to cut the mustard for major stress relief… it’s time for something a bit more advanced- the USB Stress Ball.

The USB Stress Ball has a four foot USB cord to allow you ample room to squeeze it, pull it, squash it and twist it. Can you jiggle it? Just a little bit. So why does it need a USB connection? Because everything these days is USB. Also the included software has some neat stress measuring fun stuff- like the strength game, squeeze game, and the ability to squeeze any photo (like your boss’s photo… or in my case baby seals!).

dreamcheeky via coolest-gadgets