Inflatable Pontoon Boat Fits in a Backpack

backpacker pontoon boatThe Classic Accessories Bozeman Back Packable Pontoon Boat is the best backpacker accessory. The boat is inflatable and can deflate be folded up to fit neatly inside a backpack. The backpack holds all the included gear- oars and a foot pump and weighs a mere 42lbs in all. The pontoon boat is sturdy, stable and had adjustable footrests.

The whole boat assembles in just 15 minutes and has lots of included pockets and pouches for all your fishing or other gear. It has a 350lb capacity and the pontoons reach 8 feet long. The inflatable pontoon boat is perfect for hiking out to those otherwise inaccessible streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes so you can either transport across them or fish in them. It’s available in either red or yellow.