Petchup Pet Food Condiments

petchup 4 flavors
Have you ever taken a bite of dog food and thought, “this is terribly bland. Where’s the flavor? Why is this so dry? And why am I eating dog food? How much did I have to drink? And why is the dog sitting at the table eating my dinner?” Problem solved. Spice up your best friend’s meal with canine condiments. Yes for real.
pet condiments
These broth-based liquid dog treats come in four wittily names flavors: Muttstard (salmon flavor), Bark B-Q (pork flavor), Petchup (beef flavor), and Mutt-n-aise (turkey flavor). No artificial flavors. And they look like actual condiment bottles, so really not confusing at all, just store them in your fridge next to your human condiments, I’m sure nothing bad will ever happen. So treat your dogs, they deserve flavor too.