Awesome Amphibious ATV Arrives Almost Anywhere

amphibious atv on water
When most ATV’s claim they can go over water, they’re usually talking about a shallow stream or perhaps a large puddle. This ATV really does go over the water because it basically becomes a jetski. The Amphibious ATV is the first high-speed all-terrain vehicle that can go up to 45mph on both land and sea.
amphibious atv on land
The ATV is powered by a 140hp BMW engine with rear wheel drive. Independent coil springs, 12″ diameter aluminum wheels, and 8.5″ of ground clearance let you ride over the toughest of terrain. Even water. When you enter water, engage the retraction system and boom goes the dynamite:
atv retractable wheel
Up goes the wheels, rising above the waterline at an angle. The wheels take less than 5 seconds to rotate. Meanwhile, the engine power is transferred to a Gibbs jet drive for high speed water escapes (because that’s what this is made for, escaping, right?)
amphibious atv controls
The ATV can hold two riders weighing up to 350 lbs (total). It takes unleaded gas in it’s 15 gallon tank for 3 hours of water operation and 250 miles on land. Comes in choice of 5 colors too. Just $49,000, Mr. Bond.
amphibious atv