Space Shuttle Slippers

spaceship slippers
Blast off with these awesome Space Shuttle Slippers. Although in reality, it’ll probably be more like sliding off than blasting off. Regardless, your feet will look out of this world when they look like mini-space shuttles. Explore brave new worlds while keeping your feet safe from danger- like your driveway as you go to get the newspaper since they no longer have paperboys that the put them on your doorstep but instead weird guys in vans that chuck them onto your lawn. I was told the future was supposed to be more convenient! Or at least we’d all have better aim. Lies, all lies!
space shuttle slippers
Or perhaps just relax by the fire in your NASA pajamas. Maybe even sit and contemplate how to build a newspaper launcher like those t-shirt guns at sports games so the weird guy in the van can fire it directly to your door. These slippers are made of space age materials (polyester fibers and polyurethane foam) and are one-size fits all.