USB Lie Detector Test

usb lie detector
You want answers? I want the truth. You can’t handle the truth! Find out if your friends did indeed order the Code Red or just whether or not your spouse or teenager is lying with this Home Lie Detector Test. It monitors your subject’s digital pulse and electrical resistance on the skin to measure any changes in response to your questions. You can view the data in real-time on your computer via the USB cord.

It’s the same as a standard polygraph test except not legally binding. Great for getting to the bottom of important matters (like who finished the milk and then put the container back in the fridge totally empty so when I went to the supermarket I did not know we needed more milk and now I have to eat my goddamn cornflakes dry. again.) or as a fun game for parties. Take truth or dare to the next level. Practice to be a criminal mastermind. Endless opportunities to use it on a daily basis.