Scorzie: the Golf Score Keeping Koozie

Keeping score out on the links can be difficult sometimes, especially when you’ve had a few uhhmm “adult beverages”. So keep your drink cold and your score accurate with the Golf Scorzie, the koozie that keeps score. Atop this foam drink cooler is a pair of rotating rings that keep score from 0 to 129. Just spin the ring after each shot or hole to keep your score.
scorzie in use
What happens if you score over 129? Then you’re probably drinking your beers too fast to even need a koozie anyway, right? Or just get two Scorzies and add them up (once you sober up, beer + math is a no no). Also works great for corn hole or any other game in which you need to keep score and hold a drink at the same time. It’s a hole in one!